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Men’s watches gift guide

The month of Ramadan is a blessed and special time of the year. You might find yourself discreetly checking the indication of your watch a little bit more often, waiting for the sun to set and for the iftar to begin. We do not want to stir up vanity or οstentation.  We just want to remind you that the watch on your wrist should be chosen with care (for various reasons) and help you pick a proper timepiece. After all the Eid-al-Fitr is coming up. You should take advantage of our special prices and treat yourself or another important person in your life to a nice new watch.  It is a great opportunity now that selected items are available with an 80% discount.

Now, as far as styles are concerned; take a look at our e-shop’s categorization. The men’s watches are categorized by mechanism or according to functions. It is of course fair to choose a watch that has many cool features but it is also fair to treat a watch as an accessory and style it to match a look, an outfit or an occasion. The most common types of men’s watches are dress watches, sports watches and smart watches. At OWS you will find many options in any style. All timepieces on this e-shop are authentic. 


Dress watches

Men’s dress watches are made to complement evening looks and less often business looks.  As their primary function is to accessorize the suit they tend to be simple and elegant. Some models are so minimal that they don’t even have a seconds indicator. A men’s dress watch is a synonym of good taste when it does not attract any attention to itself but only accentuates your suit. The metal on your watch should match the one on your belt and the same applies for leather. Another thing to take into account is the size. Your dress watch should be thin enough to slip under your cuff and its dial diameter should be harmonically proportioned to your wrist. A very large dial makes a statement that should be kept for more casual occasions.

See some options by Fossil men’s watches FOSSIL ME1170FOSSIL ME3049

Check out this offering by Armitron ARMITRON 20/4935BKSV

And this one by  Armani Exchange ARMANI EXHANGE AX2621

Styling tip: Don’t wear a watch at a white tie event.  A pair of cufflinks is enough.


Sports watches

This is the most popular category. Racing watches, dive watches, climbers’ watches, military watches fall under this category. Their cases are usually larger and they feature tools like chronographs, tachymeters and even dive bezels and altimeters. Their straps are usually made of technical materials but there are models with canvas or ceramic straps for bolder looks. Despite the style guides and the tips for men’s watches, choosing a sports watch and wearing it with every attire is becoming quite commonplace.

See this bold choice by Emporio Armani EMPORIO ARMANI AR11174

These singular chronographs by TW Steel TW STEEL CE3013TW STEEL CE1015R

And a style so classic that defies trends and guides by Seiko SEIKO SKS557P1

Styling tip: The current trend of matching shorts and jackets will be expertly accessorized with a bulky men’s sports watch.


Smart watches

These are a recent addition to a man’s style portfolio. They are either pure smart watches or hybrid smart watches, i.e they look like a very stylish wristwatch but offer the same connectivity as a smart watch. Style wise the pure smart watches offer more information about your lifestyle than your taste. They usually have a universal ‘wearable’ look. They are minimal and streamlined and are suitable for both men and women, boys and girls. In that sense they are absolutely modern. They suit everyone. Read this for more information about the styles and functions. If you prefer a hybrid watch, choose the style to match your wardrobe staples. Currently there’s a contest running on our Instagram ( Follow us and tag three of your friends for a chance to win one of the two hybrid smart watches -the prize of this contest. For more options visit our e-shop.

Styling tip: A smart watch works with a hoodie and sneakers the way a dress watch works with a suit. That’s why celebrities like Drake prefer to style their hoodies and sneakers with diamond studded statement watches. 


Eid Mubarak