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About OWS

OWS is a global, cutting edge watch, jewelry and fashion accessories online boutique and an authorized online retailer of all products available through it.

At OWS, experienced and visionary buyers, use cutting edge technologies, to create expertly curated collections of global and local designer goods, available at a competitive price point.

The OWS team works tirelessly to create a comprehensive brand portfolio currently comprising of over than 200 labels, select the best items, and offer the services that do justice to your choice to shop from us. As authorized dealer OWS puts a conscious effort into ensuring that these brands are marketed with the flair that is admired across the globe.

Our vision is to show that local dynamics, local trends, and local sensibilities have a rightful place alongside the great modern fashion brands, because they infuse the global fashion proposition with unique creativity, originality, and sustainability. To this end we have set up local offices and work with local people and support the local creative community to the best of our abilities. 

Choosing to shop from OWS is ultimately a lifestyle statement; one that allows you to make your presence felt through the elegance and style that starts from your wrist and flows through your personality, demonstrating a new look each time you make an appearance.

This puts us in a position different from that of all other fashion e-tailers. We are an international & global e-shop and at the same time, we are a brand attached to the country we serve, nurturing local creators and customers and they nurture us back. Moreover, we are going to support local charity institutions, by giving back to them an amount of OWS sales.

Thus, we are dedicated to efficient deliveries, reliable customer support, and uncompromised security of your data. Our ultimate goal is to earn your trust and reference. This is why we work with knowledge, passion and obsessive attention to detail to create a smooth and pleasant shopping experience for all.