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Style meets substance



No male wardrobe is complete without a wristwatch. The watch may seem redundant in a world conquered by the do-it-all smartphones but this is not the case. A classic watch is an unmistakable sign of style, distinction and connoisseurship -in some cases- that will never fade. The shiny, futuristic wearables present some rather serious challenges. But their appeal lies in their capabilities, not their looks. This is where the traditional watchmakers come in.  


The watch industry has already acknowledged the rise of this new trend. The universal demand for multitasking, technologically advanced smartwatches had the watchmakers responding accordingly. Along the fancy offerings by established tech companies came the propositions of fashion brands. The fashion brands added their sense of style and craftsmanship to the technologies and the hybrid watch emerged. A hybrid watch is the best of both worlds; a stylish combination of analogue looks and digital tools. 


Fossil is one of the brands that create cool, value for money hybrid watches and thus redefines the word 'wearable'. The company started in 1984 and since then it has created a solid reputation as a watchmaker that combines classic and vintage elements of design with contemporary trends, creating highly covetable and accessibly priced timepieces. Fossil men's watch collections available at OWS include remarkable hybrid watches. These are stylish accessories that will accentuate your style with their beautiful cases, masculine dials and quality straps or fancy bracelets. At the same time, they are reliable devices that will keep you connected with your Android or iOs device and all its capabilities. With a Fossil hybrid watch around your wrist, you will never miss an update from your favourite applications, you' ll have immediate access to your texts, e-mails and calendar and your style will always be uncompromised.  

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