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Sunny disposition


The best sunglasses styles for men


Your eyes are your number one asset and protecting them against the sun, which becomes more aggressive every year, is not to be taken lightly.  The good thing about eye protection is that it has some definite perks. It requires sunglasses. Any man who has achieved icon status has many wonderful pictures of him wearing a great pair of iconic sunglasses on the internet. Their pair of shades were part of their distinctive individual style. Below we will present the most popular styles of sunglasses for men.


The Aviator


Associated with flight and aeroplanes, hence the name, the aviator is among the most popular and perhaps the most iconic style for men. They were first designed in the 1930s and were part of the American pilots' essential gear. They gained icon status upon their release and now are available in variations with mirrored lenses,  coloured lenses and slimmer or bulkier frames. The classic option is to get aviators in metal frames or tortoise for a bolder look. 


The Wayfarer


Battling the aviator for the status of the 'most' iconic style, the wayfarer is the safe bet. Fits almost every face shape and complements every kind of outfit -casual, smart casual and even formal. Since its launch in 1956, it has been hiding celebrity faces from prying photographers' lenses.  The most popular variation is the classic pitch black frame paired with black lenses. They too have been through many updates with mirrored lenses, clear, tortoise or colorful frames. 


The Clubmaster


They are quite similar to the wayfarers but their lenses are rounder and not framed in the lower rim. Whereas the wayfarer is timeless, the clubmaster is undoubtedly retro. The clubmaster sunglasses regained momentum and popularity thanks to the hipsters, who appreciated their stylish half rim. and will be suitable for men who like to stand a bit apart from the crowd.


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