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Writing instruments by Lamy are the best back-to-school companion for those of you who appreciate a generous dose of style in everything you have and hold.

At OWS we believe that style is men's and women’s way to express themselves. Everything we choose and showcase in this e-shop aims to help you tell a story about yourself. The watches, jewelry, sunglasses and writing instruments are the little details that make your story unique and special. Lamy pens, fountain pens and accessories are ideal to make the ‘back-to-school’ chapter of that story significant.

The story of Lamy started in 1930 in Germany. It was the time when the design was becoming a liberating force and added value and beauty to handy everyday objects. Being aligned to the country’s tradition Lamy has been producing expertly designed fountain pens,

roller-ball  or

ball pens,

multi-systems and cases from carefully chosen materials.

Almost 95% of all components are produced in the company’s production unit in Germany, three quarters of the manufacturing time goes into manual work, while each instrument goes through rigorous controls to ensure quality.

The handcrafted parts are what make Lamy writing instruments unique. The grinding and polishing of springs, the inscribing on some fountain pens and the assembling of the premium products are all done by hand. The hand is what makes each piece valuable and unique! In that aspect a writing instrument by Lamy is much like your own handwriting, so it is ideal to leave your mark and write a part of your story!

The next chapter could be the general renewal of office supplies. With schools re-opening and the replenishment of everything children need for a productive, why don’t you indulge in a fountain pen that will upgrade your appearance and status in your work environment and help you design your personal brand.

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