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Giving back to our community



When we started developing our e-shop, we understood that we could not hope to succeed in our efforts without becoming involved in maters that far exceed the scope of a merchant. As active members of the digital community we represent initiative, continuous improvement and integrity. These values that underline our work is what we share with The Citizen’s Foundation; one of the most prominent and multi-awarded non – profit organizations in Pakistan. It is a perfect fit! 

As part of our mission to be active members in our community both on-line and off-line we are donating Rs100 of every item we sell on to support the work of the Citizen’s Foundation. The Citizen’s Foundation started its programmes in 1995. For the past 25 years it has been a beacon of enlightenment -moral, spiritual and intellectual- for the Pakistani society, establishing and advancing education for children who were not born in privilege, namely slums and rural communities.  There’s more to it. In the course of the past quarter of a century The Citizen’s Foundation has evolved to run programmes of vocational training, community relief and adult literacy.

Just to give you some rough idea of all the wonderful things TCF has achieved: it has established 1,652 school units; modern facilities that turn schooling into a creative, inspiring activity. It has helped 266,000 students dream up a better future for themselves and reach their potential. It has educated 12,554 women to assume teaching positions. It has taught basic literacy and numeracy skills to 120,000 people, members of students’ families and mostly their mothers, so they can empower entire communities and facilitate development on a national level. Last year only it has conducted 15,958 school visits to confirm the quality of training and schooling the students and teachers receive. 

The list of the TCF’s achievements can go on and on. After all we are talking about twenty-five years of active involvement with the less privileged population of Pakistan. Still there’s more to be done and we are proud to be a part of this effort, that lifts and enlightens us all, with our humble donation.