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Gifts for Valentine’s Day with an up to 80% discount at OWS

Explore our collections and find the most stylish and special gifts for a very special Valentine’s Day.  

Valentine’s this year is going to be somewhat different. It might find us separated from our loved ones, the objects of our affections and even causes we believe in and activities we generally enjoy. So if a gift for Valentine’s day was a romantic gesture and expression of love in the past, this year it is going to be a reminder that no matter what we still care enough to offer our people some time and attention -after all love is love. OWS is the best option for your Valentine’s Day shopping - offering you the opportunity to choose small or more significant gifts with an up to 80% discount.  

The constantly evolving OWS collection includes curated lines of watches, jewelry, sunglasses and perfumes for men and women. Below you will find some of our proposals, so we may assist with your shopping.  

Hearts galore for women  

Nothing says ‘love’ more explicitly than a piece of jewelry or a watch with a heart on it. Don’t pay attention to negative people calling hearts ‘cheesy’. They will be a shape and symbol that lasts forever and a promise of youth eternal. OWS collection includes bracelets that will make a girl happy, like this one  and this one or dedicated to girls who like gold better than heart shapes like this one from Tommy Hilfiger.  And even if she prefers pendants for a more sophisticated look, the OWS collection will not disappoint. It includes star signs and sparkle. Is she an Aquarius? Or is she a Cancer. Watches with hearts are also available, like this one and if your budget allows something more you could consider this gift set by Fossil, which includes a stylish watch and a pair of earrings (heart shaped to honour the occasion!).      

Cool products for men  

Men do not have to ponder aesthetics as far as hearts are concerned. In order to make your gifting more personal you could opt for a writing instrument. Why not nudge him to write your love story and create a special memory from this celebration? Check out Lamy fountain pens  or ball point pens of stylish design. You could opt for a piece of jewelry like this or for a watch. Watches may not be the most romantic of gifts but they do last. From high usability items like this hybrid watch from Fossil or modern timepieces like this particular one from Movado and all time classic watches like these two bh1673 , an3600 from Citizen, at OWS you will certainly find a Valentine’s Day gift worthy of your romance.  

Browse our e-shop for more options and products at up to 80% discount and enjoy your Valentine’s day.