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The OWS Gift Guide for the New Year

With 80% off, shopping for friends and family is easier, safer and more fun than ever. Read the OWS New Year’s gift guide


So it’s that wonderful time of the year, when offering a gift is not just a matter of manners but a gesture of love and affection. A much needed one these days, when we might find ourselves far or not as close as we would like to be to the people who are important to us. Under these circumstances a New Year’s gift will make the heart grow fonder. At you can shop small or big tokens for the occasion and have them safely delivered anywhere in Pakistan.  

But how to choose the gift? OWS return policies are all you need to know that no one is going to remain unhappy with what you selected for them. But of course you can do better than a fuss free return. Our New Year’s gift guide will help you choose the gift that will bring the biggest smiles and the loudest ‘thank yous’ from your loved ones the precious moment they unbox their present! We upload it in two parts to make the reading as friendly as the shopping.  

So here it is:

For the fashionista    

Contrary to popular belief fashionistas are the easiest people to shop for. They are always updated and usually find something to love among the latest trends. Michael Kors is definitely among their favorite brands so offering the Runway chronograph, one of the brand’s best selling watches, is a safe bet. Another choice is a sparkling piece of jewelry. A gold bracelet defies time and trends and will be greatly appreciated. Check this one out by Tommy Hilfiger. Another interesting offering would be a cool pair of sunglasses. Consider the sunglasses as an accessory that will add a touch of drama to the fashionista’s looks, not a tool to block the sun rays. Check these out: Find these and more options at fabulous Christmas offers of up to 80% off and offer your fashionable friends some love to unbox!    

For the gadget lover  

The gadget lovers are ready to love anything that looks cool and promises to work wonders, so they are bound to like anything that fits this description. At OWS we can accommodate any search for the perfect gadget: Consider this hybrid watch by Fossil, if the receiver is a woman and thisif the receiver is a man. A quality writing instrument can be considered a gadget if you come to think of it. A sleek style by Lamy like this one is bound to make even the most demanding of your friends happy.    

More finds are available at and some are on great markdowns that reach 80%. Remember it’s not just a gadget your friends are unboxing. It’s love!