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The modern twist of vintage Olivia Burton OWS

This brand came from fashion connoisseurs to appeal to women who have a very individual grasp of style. The creators of the brand were fashion buyers. Their experience ranged from working for ASOS to working for Selfridge’s. Having a broad perspective of how easy styles come and go they were always on the hunt for special finds and vintage items that defied the current trends. The hunt was particularly challenging when it came to watches. Intricate details, stories and vintage aesthetics were always kept with in the realm of luxury watchmaking.

Then they came up with the idea to create watches that would actually appeal to women who liked romantic, elaborate and delicate designs and would not break the bank. Thus, Olivia Burton watches were created. The process started at a kitchen table but the brand has developed into a full-fledged fashion proposition that appeals to women all over the world. Olivia Burton watches are very distinct in character and quality.

A classic Olivia Burton watch usually has a story to tell and uses the watch dial as a canvas on which dreamy pictures are drawn. The gardens are always a source of inspiration Olivia Burton OB16US06 Olivia Burton OB16US25

As are animals and the night sky Olivia Burton OB16WL72 Olivia Burton OB16GD36.

There are less picturesque choices of course. But those do not shy away from beautiful imaging and detailing. Olivia Burton OB16MV54 Olivia Burton OB16CB11 

Although very idiosyncratic, the brand still keeps an eye on the trends. So they have offers with mesh straps, Olivia Burton OB16WL76 bright metal with mother of pearl dials like this one Olivia Burton OB16MOP02 or crystal studded timepieces like this one Olivia Burton OB16MV105 .

Even more minimal choices like this one OLIVIA BURTON OB15WD28 or this one OLIVIA BURTON OB16MD87 which are available at OWS in different colours show the care for quality and make with their attention in proportion.

Αn Olivia Burton authentic watch is a collectible that will never go out of style, as all individual choices tend to outlast trends. Gift an Olivia Burton watch to ladies who have an eye for detail and a taste for colour. See all these and more designs by Olivia Burton right here .