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The coolest collections of sunglasses OWS

Sunglasses are a wardrobe staple that immediately adds points to your style score. Find fabulous pairs at OWS.

When appreciating a style- icon the "sunglasses-factor" always comes up in conversation. Whether it is a woman who has become the epitome of class, like Jackie Kennedy or a man who has set the canon for bravura, like Danish Taimoor, you can surely bring a picture of them wearing a pair of fabulous shades. This is how styles like the huge rectangles Jackie wore in the 70s became an enduring classic, or the wayfarers and clubmasters  remain popular with younger generations. For a guide on classic styles of sunglasses for men check out this article on our blog.

Fashion of course never ceases to produce new imagery, new icons, new shapes and styles that complement the ready to wear trends and respond to current aspirations. Our World of Style includes selected pairs of sunglasses for men and women from Fossil. The OWS collection for men includes all the classics and some updated versions of them. For example, see this pair of oversized wayfarers by Fossil, which is a somewhat sportier take on the classic wayfarer shape. Then there's this version of the aviators, which works with updated material and colour. Another interesting choice is this hybrid style, that bridges the wayfarers with the clubmasters. The shape is that of a pair of wayfarers but half the frame is transparent, creating the optical illusion of the characteristic 'cut' of the wayfarer. If your wardrobe leans more on the casual side this sports pair will definitely be a perfect choice.

Women's styles are usually more liberal in designs and colours. Choices for the ladies include all the styles created for men plus the cat-eye or round frames and many more. Metal and tortoise frames, black or colourful are equally popular. See for example this pair of oversized rectangles that is fit for a film star.

Browse through all our styles at and find one or more to make your own style statement.