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The coolest classics Tommy Hilfiger OWS

Tommy Hilfiger was born and bred in New York, to a watchmaker and a nurse. He has managed to build one of the most enduring and updated lifestyle brands with a constant appeal to young, active people who choose stylish and practical clothes, watches and accessories.

Tommy Hilfiger designs are preppy, but usually sport a twist that makes them unique and covetable, namely the three -colored signature stripe. The three colored stripe is the mark of a global brand that gains wide recognition because it correlates with music subcultures and works with prominent celebrities as brand ambassadors. There are 15.000 Tommy Hilfiger associates in 55 countries around the world and OWS is one of them, offering authentic Tommy Hilfiger watches and jewelry for men and women.

Tommy Hilfiger watches for men are an excellent addition to any collection. The quality of materials and the design character are undisputable. At OWS you will find well-made sports watches, like this one Tommy Hilfiger 1791473 and chronographs that will accentuate your masculine sense of style, like this one Tommy Hilfiger 179118.

Other than the above classic styles there are more offbeat choices with mesh metal straps like this one below Tommy Hilfiger 1791292  and this one with a square and round dial Tommy Hilfiger 1710164.

These two will be beautifully adorned with this black Tommy Hilfiger 2700945 bracelet. If you are a fan of the watch – bracelet combo, please consider this one by Tommy Hilfiger. It will add an air of nonchalant confidence to your business suits. Tommy Hilfiger 2770020.

If you are looking for something dressier, consider this elegant timepiece to impeccably style your attire Tommy Hilfiger 1791585.

Αnd finally if you are looking for a gift for a special lady you will find excellent choices in the OWS collection of Tommy Hilfiger women’s watches. Take a look at this watch that dubs as a bracelet Tommy Hilfiger 1780623 and these actual bracelets that lovingly adorn a female wrist. Tommy Hilfiger 2780010  Tommy Hilfiger 2700501.

See all these and more designs by Tommy Hilfiger right here Tommy Hilfiger fro WOMEN Tommy Hilfiger for MEN .