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The Black November shopping event @ OWS

Black Friday is November's greatest shopping event. OWS is extending it to a full month of great discounts in great styles and brands.

November's greatest shopping event is Blessed Friday without a doubt. But at OWS we don’t do business as usual. We extend the Blessed Friday sale to create the Black November; one full month of great discounts in some of our most distinguished brands. You now have the chance to choose among the best fashion watches at a small part of the initial price earlier than the usual last Friday of November. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to buy everything you have been eyeing and maybe even do some early wedding season shopping.

Here are a few suggestions to add to your shopping list and make the most of this fabulous sale. Start by checking out our heavily discounted brands. Juicy Couture watches for women are available on a 50% sale.  Browse very stylish sets of watch and bracelets  or very elegant watches with luxurious styling.

Of course at OWS we cater to the gentlemen with exceptional options from the most prominent brands in watch making. For our Black November and Black Friday sale we have reduced the asking for our Festina watches and chronographs to half price. For the gentlemen who like the great outdoors there are great sturdy sporty styles or more classic timepieces in 50% discount on account of the Black November event. 

If you fancy something more streamlined make sure you check out the Paul Smith collection for men. You’ll find all styles like dress watches and chronographs  at a 35% discount.

Another option that you should definitely consider is our Marc Jacobs collection, which comes at super reasonable Black November prices. Watches for men and women are available at 35% off. You will definitely find something to make that great impressive gift to friends and family or to reward yourself for a personal accomplishment. 

This extended sale gives you the opportunity to shop early so don’t miss out. This opportunity comes round only once a year.  The world’s leading fashion brands are all part of Our World of Style and we invite you to become one too. Start shopping now at