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Kate Spade @ OWS


Kate Spade, a designer brand with an important personal story behind it, is part of Our World of Style

Imagine constructing a bag out of paper and scotch tape and in a few months time become one of the greatest trend setters in the United States. This is how the late Kate Spade started her brand and inspired many women around the world to follow her example. Kate Spade started her career as an accessories editor in the influential fashion publication that was Mademoiselle magazine. Editing her content she noticed that there were not any accessible priced cool but sophisticated bags around. That’s what she decided to change. Soon she managed to manufacture her bag and get orders from the great department stores in New York. It was a matter of time before the Kate Spade bags became ubiquitous and recognizable, as she had the marvelous idea to sew the label on the outside of the bag.

Soon the Kate Spade brand expanded to include clothing, jewelry, shoes, eyewear, baby items, fragrances, and gifts. Kate Spade watches were launched soon after! The spade that works as an icon on the logo and has been reworked to resemble a heart is one of the most distinctive in fashion. Kate Spade is a brand with a unique creative approach that bridges beauty with practicality. The watch, an item that serves both as an accessory and a tool is one of the most unique offerings of the Kate Spade brand. Check out the full collection here

The styles of Kate Spade watches range from all time classic designs, with the touch of sophistication and discreet luxury that signify elegance to more pop approaches to styling with large floral motifs and exuberant, appliqué detailing. The unexpected patterns of the bracelets, as seen on this piece have won the brand many fans, who like to use the watch as a fashionable accessory. 

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