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Fashion accessories with flare

Women’s spring style guide

Summer 2020 is making a rather discreet entrance. But the ready to wear runways had given us their proposals for the season as early as October. Both apparel and accessories emphasized ease and practicality. This is one of the reasons that jewelry is more daring in form and sunglasses add some color and edge to outfits. Inspired by the bold lines that were prevalent in the ‘90s but updated to be utterly photographable and sharable on social media, this spring’s jewelry and sunglasses for women are fun and create understated style statements. Check out some key pieces from our collection of women's jewelry and sunglasses. Enjoy sales of up to 80%.



The chain necklaces made their appearance on the runways a while back. Now they are becoming a staple of women's accessories collections. Like all the 'borrowed from the boys' pieces, they add character to any outfit. Check out this piece by Tommy Hilfiger. Tommy Hilfiger 2700835

Styling tip: Avoid wearing these with all-black or graphic prints. Try some pastel or earth colored outfit instead.



The classic black wayfarers and the slim aviators never go out of fashion. The skinny sunglasses of the 90s made a brief comeback, but this summer the women's sunglasses designs are whimsy and colorful. If you don't want to invest in a particularly idiosyncratic piece, you can opt for a classic design with colorful lenses. You'll find some interesting options in Fossil's women’s' sunglasses collection. Fossil FOS3077S0086   Fossil FOS3050s01A0

Styling tip: Sunglasses are the most versatile fashion accessory. You can wear them every day or even at night -if you want to look like a celebrity.



A watch is fast becoming another popular piece. Women's watches are fashion staples that embellish outfits like bracelets. There are pieces more suitable for sporty and casual looks and pieces that look better with dressier, evening outfits. This spring the most interesting choices work both as a piece of jewelry and as a watch. Women's watches with chain bracelets in a shiny metal are feminine and bold and work with every outfit. You will find many authentic pieces like these below, by AIGNER and DKNY at OWS. Aigner Α33205  DKNY ΝΥ2664  DKNY ΝΥ4556

Styling tip: They may be bold but they will look fabulous with your morning outfits and your business looks