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Emporio Armani OWS

Emporio Armani collections for men and women at OWS include watches with a strong Italian flair that work great for any occasion or time of day.

Emporio Armani is the special diffusion line attached to the great Italian design house of Giorgio Armani. Giorgio Armani started building his lifestyle empire in 1979. He quickly came up with the then groundbreaking concept of diffusing the accessories line into a new brand, the "Emporio Armani" line. The year was 1982. The fashion business has never been the same since.

With the "Emporio Armani" brand fashion lovers enjoy the democratization of great style. Fabulous watches for men and women are available at attainable prices made even more appealing at OWS. At OWS you will find a curated collection of watches for men and women. Emporio Armani watches for men and women are a perfect token of what Italians call "sprezzatura" the ability to look polished and put-together without loosing the ease and lightheartedness of attitude. Slim lines and appealing details keep the styles fresh, while the quality manufacturing accentuates the work that has been invested in the design. See for example this chronograph and this sleek hybrid watch for men. Emporio Armani creates equally fabulous timepieces for women. See for example this and this option.

The philosophy of "simple and significant", "cool and remarkable" inspires all of the brand's offerings and this is why it has gained many fans around the world especially among young people who have a strong sense of style. Check out this timepiece with interchangeable fabric straps for boys and this one for girls.

OWS stands for "Our World of Style" and is a proud host of the brand that stands as a paragon of the Italian Style that inspires millions of people around the globe. Shop our collection and browse more choices at