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Dedicating a month to Women at OWS

OWS dedicates March to women with special discounts to crown their achievements -some very distinguished fashion brands are among them. 

Anne Klein, Kate Spade, Olivia Burton. These are just a few of the many leading fashion brands women have created to offer women around the world from lifestyle aspirations to beautiful, practical products that will make their everyday life a little better or just more beautiful. All of these brands are represented in the OWS collections of authentic watches and now are available at special prices in March in honour of Women’s month.  

Anne Klein started her label in 1968. Her concept of a 'fully co-ordinated wardrobe' was an instant hit with women who engaged in multiple roles and needed stylish separates that could be mixed and matched. Today the watches and jewellery product assortment is the powertrain that leads the brand to expansion. Full gift sets comprising of watches matched with bracelets like this one or this one in a different colour of metal. You may also find unique dress watches like this beautiful piece and this one with the multiple charms. There are  more tame in design but equally stylish pieces to complement business looks or even this elegant timepiece, which is a dress watch also but features a genuine diamond at 12 o’clock .  Kate Spade is more pop take on the concept of female style. The brand was launched in 1993 with a limited line of handbags. Since then it has grown into an international lifestyle brand, that offers a wide range of collections.

Kate Spade women's watches feature fascinating details and unique materials that create outstanding fashion. This timepiece in the shape of a bow is a clear demonstration of the brand’s creative flair as is this rather eccentric design of a watch. Check out this beautiful piece with the appliqued flowers or this pretty bracelet which works with the brand’s ‘spade’ icon.

Olivia Burton takes inspiration from British gardens in the summer. Pretty imagery that adorns the Olivia Burton watches include: birds, bees, pets, rainbows and flowers in ornate unique designs you will not find anywhere else. The influence of vintage styles and the sensibilities of contemporary fashion are evident in the brand’s collections and even this one with the humming bird are singular pieces in pretty pastel colour. And of course there are options for dedicated cat people.  

Discover our diverse collections of watches, jewelry, sunglasses and writing instruments at OWS Pakistan and enjoy a March full of special treats at special prices dedicated to women. Be inspired by the women who decided to share their personal vision of life and womanhood and celebrate your own.