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Citizen @ OWS

At OWS we go to great lengths to choose and offer you the experience of authentic watches that stand the test of time both as far as technologies and style is concerned. The latest addition to our extensive brand portfolio is one of the leading watchmakers in the world; it is Citizen, a brand with a more than a century history and a solid tradition in quality watchmaking.

Back in 1918 a school opened its gates in Japan. The “Shoukousha Watch Research Institute” was established to educate and train the watch technicians that would become experts in crafting and manufacturing precision watches that would replace the imported expensive timepieces, the only available in Japan. Six years after its establishment the school produced its first watch, which cost only a small fraction of the price of an imported one. This made the watches accessible to more people in the country, leading the mayor of Tokyo to dub that first watch CITIZEN.

Since then CITIZEN has been pushing the boundaries of what technologies and features of watches are accessible to people. Their commitment to technological excellence and reliability is one of the reasons they are among the leaders in sports watches  -with the Promaster series- and timepieces incorporating the advanced functionality of Eco-Drive, like this one BL8144-89H.



At OWS you may find a collection of watches for men and women that include sporty chronographs in metal bracelets, dress watches to match your evening attire, and of course unique light powered timepieces.

CITIZEN chronographs for men like this one AN8062-51E and this one AN8167-53X  are both extremely stylish and absolutely dependable. They will stay with you for years to come. The women’s collection includes refined options  like this beauty EZ6362-54A, that will perfectly accessorize both morning and evening outfits, or more embellished pieces like this one EL3090-81X and this ER0213-57L, which will definitely impress your friends!

So now that we helped you get acquainted with the legendary watchmaker, we will be happy to serve you! Visit us at