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Celebrating International Women’s Day with special discounts at OWS

International Women’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate women offering them items to crown their achievement. 

International Women's Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. International Women’s Day was first commemorated in 1911. Since then many things have changed for women. Opportunities in education, the professional field and political representation have improved. In its 110th anniversary, this celebration is about moving forward, creating more opportunities for more women and celebrating the progress so far.  

Progress is what you accomplish in your lives every single day, as individuals and parts of teams, in your personal lives and your work groups, as leaders and supporters. For that you deserve the recognition  and respect and even small or greater tokens of appreciation. At OWS we honour the celebrations with special discounts on the women’s collection.  Why should you wait for someone else to crown your achievements? Or perhaps you have a friend who needs a positive boost? Check out our collections of watches, jewelry, sunglasses and fragrances and be inspired. You’ll find many beautiful things to crown yourself or your queen friend  at special reduced prices, fit for the celebration. So why not give yourself that gift or share the positivity with a friend. Check out our great options from the Anne Klein collection, in gold and in silver. Ιn the OWS jewelry collection you will also find many appropriate items. Check out this bracelet by Tommy Hilfiger. Or you might opt for something that she would like no matter what the occasion or the commemoration like this one. Find the collection with the signs of the zodiac in our e-shop. Perhaps a pair of diva sunglasses is also appropriate, if you have a flare for the dramatic. Τhere are also writing instruments you might consider. They are not as luxurious a choice as a handsome watch but they are significant and practical. Check out this option, or perhaps this one.  

You will discover more ideas about how to reward yourself or the friends who inspire you by browsing OWS Pakistan. See all the style options and relevant special prices and offers. You deserve more than a treat. You deserve a crown!