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Breast Cancer Awareness Month @ OWS

Show support and be part of a cause to help women diagnosed or survivors of breast cancer with pink women’s watches at special prices.

It’s October and in Octobers we wear pink. It is part of a global awareness campaign for breast cancer, the most prevalent cancer in the world, and shows support for women and families affected by the condition.

The campaign started in the United States in the 1980s. With no internet available and little research at hand  women had little resources and support to help them fight through the condition. Since then the message of regular check ups and the importance of early detection have gained traction around the world.

Part of it was accomplished because of the very powerful symbol of the campaign. The pink ribbon worn by survivors and patients. After almost 40 years of rigorous campaigning, October has been established as the ‘breast cancer awareness month’ and people all over the world show their support for the cause by wearing pink. 

At OWS we have a few authentic pink watches you can browse and wear to be part of the universal effort available at very accessible prices. Check out this pretty timepiece by Rosefield. It is a discreet, all time classic design. The pink silicone strap is the necessary contemporary touch that shows you are a part of the Breast Cancer Awareness cause. For the girls who love sports and do sports there are two very attractive options. The first one is a practical, digital chronograph by Armitron with a cool design and very clear dial. The other is a cool athleisure piece by Lacoste. It is a sleek design available with a 30% discount, so it will also not break the bank. 

If you are looking for something a little more pink, there’s a great option from Kate Spade available at a 35% discount. And if you prefer a design that is pink and with an extra design perk, check out this beautiful women’s watch from Tommy Hilfiger and its unique dial.  

For those of you who prefer more luxurious accessorizing we propose two pieces in rose gold. The first one from Olivia Burton features a box cut case and the unmistakable emblem of the brand, the bee. The other one is a fine timepiece with a textured rose gold dial and a combination of design and size that can not go unnoticed from Movado

So this is it. Use your new pink watch as a good start to a conversation with your friends and close ones about breast cancer awareness. Be part of the cause.